Tuition Assistance Options for Military Spouses

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Tuition Assistance Options for Military Spouses

Military Tuition Assistance

Military spouse educational benefits are available to many veterans and active duty servicemen spouses. These benefits allow their spouses to gain a discounted or in some cases entirely free education.

A great way for military spouses to avoid getting into significant student debt, military spouse education assistance can provide military spouses with up to thousands of dollars to fund their higher educations.

Here is a summary of some of the educational benefits available for military spouses:

Tuition Assistance for Military Spouses


This is the Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC) degree program for members and their spouses of the army. SOCAD includes many colleges that are located or accessible to army installations around the world. These colleges offer both two year (associate degrees) and four year (bachelor degree) programs.

A huge benefit of attending a SOCAD college is that courses are guaranteed to transfer from one SOCAD college to another, so for military spouses that travel from one army base or location frequently, their education doesn’t have to be interrupted.

Stateside Spouse Education Assistance Program (SSEAP)

SSEAP offers military spouse tuition assistance to spouses that are residing in the US. This is a needs based program and offers benefits to the spouses of active duty army members, retired army soldiers and the widows/widowers of deceased army servicemembers.

The amount of tuition assistance provided to each military spouse is awarded according to income, owned assets, family size and also any special circumstances. Up to $2700 can be awarded each year. It can only be applied to associate and undergraduate degrees.

Spouse Education Assistance Program (SEAP-Overseas)

SEAP-Overseas provides military spouses with educational assistance funds who are army spouses of active duty army servicemen within an Overseas Command. A maximum of $2500 is awarded per year and only undergraduate level degrees are covered.

SOCNAV is the Service Opportunity Colleges degree program for members of the Navy. Providing a network of colleges where Navy members and their spouses can complete their associate as well as undergraduate degrees in a military friendly environment. SOCNAV colleges allow spouses to study on various campuses in America, internationally and online.

SOCCOAST is the Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges division for members of the coast guard. Coast guard spouses are eligible to attend SOCCOAST colleges and have the benefit of being able to continue their education even if they have to move locations many times as there are SOCCOAST campuses all over the country and students can also study online.

SOCMAR is the Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges division for members of the Marine Corps. SOCMAR allows students to transfer to any SOC schools and distance courses are also offered. This allows students to complete their education regardless of where their spouses are transferred to.

Use the above programs as a general guide of what to expect with tuition assistance for military spouses. Do a little digging online to find private organizations and charities that also provide grants, scholarships and general funding for military spouse education. Good luck!

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